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the same thoughts go through me
every day I retrace steps
every morning I feel the same things
every poem starts the same way
no one new comes by, and if they do
I turn them away only minutes after inviting them in
I’m the same person I have always been
and I’ll go in the…

Rape Culture,

To me, is the fact that it took me 5 years to realize that I had been raped. 5 years and a psychiatrist to help me come to this horrid realization. I remember thinking “well I didn’t go in all the way so it didn’t really happen”. I remember him saying “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle” after I said no countless times and said that I was a virgin and I wasn’t ready. I was 14 and I thought he was a friend.

Unfortunately, me.
i thought these were dildos

i thought these were dildos


Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

This stunning bamboo forest is located in the Arashiyama district on the west outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It is one of the most amazing natural sites in the country. An interesting fact about Sagano Bamboo Forest is the sound that the wind makes while it blows through the bamboo. Amazingly enough, this sound has been voted on as one of the “one hundred must-be-preserved sounds of Japan” by the Japanese government. Another interesting fact – the railing on the sides of the road is composed out of old, dry and fallen parts of bamboo.



Check out the contrast between these search results. Not a single “loser”, “easy”, “desperate”, “stupid”, “scum” or similar insult in the search results for fathers.

Why, society, are single fathers so often seen with sympathy and admiration, yet single mothers are painted as a washed-up, disgusting strain on the system?

This is fucked.






‘Fat’ is not a bad word.

Ok, being unhealthy and at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes is a positive thing. Not everything in life has a fucking positive spin.

Do you ever question the health of thin people? Is diabetes exclusive to fat people? And if I am unhealthy (which you can’t tell by looking at me), why does it matter to you? Why would a stranger’s health matter to you? Maybe you should evaluate why my body incites anger inside of you. Question why the word ‘fat’ can’t be positive in your vocabulary. Research obesity myths and health at any size. And while you contemplate these things privately, please consider never reblogging my pictures or anyone else who is empowered to show their fat body proudly because you’re a shithead♥

My anger comes from people acting like being overweight is a healthy and positive thing. I know these things are obviously not exclusive to overweight people, but they are much more likely to be unhealthy. I’m not trying to attack anyone for being overweight or comfortable in their own skin, but everyone should try to have a healthy diet and exercise routine. Flatly saying being fat is something to be happy about is dangerous to society and doesn’t help anyone. Not a shithead, just not delusional.

Firstly, you never answered my question. DO YOU EVER QUESTION THE HEALTH OF THIN PEOPLE? Do you ever find yourself looking at a thin person and thinking, ‘Damn, do they work out or maintain a healthy diet?’ Do you ever think about the medical history of thin people upon meeting them? Probably not. Does it anger you thinking about thin people living a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle and what that will do to society? Nope. Because your anger is fueled by a.) your own ignorance and misconceptions of fat people’s lifestyles, b.) thin beauty standards > health (its more about the attraction of a thin body and how fat bodies disgust you rather than the well being and health of the individual), and c.) your inability to listen to my suggestion of doing research. 

You said you’re not delusional, but clearly you are… You first reblogged my photo with an assumption of my health and lifestyle. You have zero fucking credentials. You also don’t have superpowers to see someone’s health or life expectancy just by looking at them. DELUSIONAL. And then you explain that these diseases are not exclusive to fat people but fat people are more unhealthy than thin people regardless? According to what? I NEED REFERENCES AND A PROPERLY FORMATTED WORKS CITED FOR THIS BULLSHIT YOU MADE UP. I need to see your research, appendices, and footnotes for this term paper of lies that you’re trying to write. You’re still fueling your argument based off of assumptions and misconceptions. Weight does not dictate health, nor does it dictate how long you will live or how you will die. I told you to do research and you didn’t listen.

Fat people remaining positive about their body is dangerous to society? How? How is me living my life for myself dangerous to society? How could the love I have for myself hurt someone else? “Being fat as something to be happy about is dangerous to society and doesn’t help anyone.” But who is it supposed to help? Do you put these same pressures on people who are thin? Do you look down upon thin people who eat unhealthy? Do you get mad seeing thin people sit down for long periods of time? Am I supposed to be a spokesmodel for society? Again, do you ever question the health of someone who’s thin? NO. YOU ONLY CARE BECAUSE I’M FAT AND YOU’VE ASSUMED THAT MY LIFESTYLE IS UNHEALTHY. Like I said, take a fucking seat and do some research.

I’m going to close with this: BUT WHY DOES IT FUCKING MATTER? Why does my health matter to you? Why does my health matter to you? WHY DOES MY HEALTH MATTER TO YOU? Why does my fatness give you a right to say something about my health? Even if I am unhealthy, what I eat doesn’t make you shit. Even if I am unhealthy, what I do or don’t do is none of your fucking business. Even if I am unhealthy, on the edge of death because of my unhealthiness, you still have NO FUCKING RIGHT to question, judge, or insert your dumbass opinion in my life decisions. Do you have the right to live your life without the insertion of strangers’s judgement? Well, I and every other fat person deserve that right as well. Suggested Research: thin privilege, obesity myths, health vs. weight, how to not be an asshole, body positivity, fat positive, etc. Get on that research, boo





Lord of the Rings : Gender Swapped

this is… my new favorite thing. 

A little in love with this.

Kinda shocked Meryl Streep wasn’t on this anywhere, but really good picks all in all.

favorite show

favorite show

when you feel you have lost everything, you still have


  • books
  • unexpected kindness in strangers
  • the rest of the world to travel
  • languages to learn
  • animals to take care of
  • volunteer work to do
  • the power of a good night’s rest
  • the changing of seasons
  • infinite things to learn
  • billions of people to meet and possibly love
  • billions of people who might love you back


Van Gogh’s Paintings Get Tilt-Shifted by Serena Malyon

Serena Malyon, a 3rd-year student at art school, took some of van Gogh’s most beautiful paintings and altered them in Photoshop to achieved this amazing tilt-shift effect.


vdB 141

The Summer Triangle
Credit:Jerry Lodriguss


The Summer Triangle

Credit:Jerry Lodriguss


#meteorshower tonight and tomorrow night this is the #maroonbells in #aspen #colorado #nightphoto #stars by tmo-photo on Flickr.

Maroon Dam by kmatm on Flickr.


Maroon Dam by kmatm on Flickr.